Attending Highlanders down the shore 2008

Ron Schiller (2) - rsvp received - 250 paid deposit on SL Manor
John Bubrick (1) - 250 paid deposit on SL manor
Brian Skelton - rsvp received - paid cc
Karen Flinn - rsvp received - paid cc
Martha Hagedorn - RSVP paid  cc
Lynn Varecka - RSVP paid  cc
Steve Carey - RSVP - Paid cc
Gary Kraemer - RSVP - Paid CC
Robyn Cooper - RSVP Paid Cc
Mary Jo Abate - paid CC
Willy Baumann - paid cc
Vinny Herbst - paid cc
David Ivan - paid cc
Cathy Eckert Byrnes - paid cc 
Jim Byrnes - paid cc
Yvonne Bene Secure - paid cc
Erig Billig - paid cc
Mike McGovern - paid cc
Denise McGovern - paid cc
Debra Tillis - paid cc
Tom Bechtold - paid cc
Melissa Bechtold - paid cc
Robert (Bob) Enos - paid CC

Beverly Broadwell - paid check
Joyce Broadwell - paid check
Carolyn Abate - paid Check
Bob Shafer paid check
Dave Ciullo (2) paid check
Denise Mohns - paid check
Larry Mohns- paid check
John Keegan paid check
John Campo paid check
Lu Ann Vispoli - RSVP paid check
Dorinda Cosimano - paid check
Silvio Coccia paid check
Andrew Cutting paid check
Ellen (ewertsen) Cutting - paid check
Ginger Goceljak - paid check
Ginger's Sister - paid check
Kevin Roughley - paid check
Kim Mortensen - paid check
Bob Truesdale - paid check
Fern Laskin - paid check

Peggy Duhaime - tentative 
Jerry Skidmore - tentative

Highlanders down the shore details....

? - (Please RSVP by August 30 2008)
Location : Spring LAke Manor -Buy tickets online now! ($60 per person covers the buffet and open bar and entertainment)

Date: September 19
- 2008
Friday Night
(it all starts here!) Casual dress - location:
The Columns
casual drinks and food - no tickets required

Sat Night: The Spring Lake Manor
Time: 7:00 pm  to 11 pm open bar and food.
Tickets are required to cover the open bar and food and DJ entertainment.
60 per person. See the buy tickets tab for details. You can pay by check or credit card on the site.

Sun Brunch:?
We are working on a sunday brunch, check back for details.