This section of our Reunion site is dedicated to our classmates that have crossed memory of them as our friends and classmates. May god bless them and keep them....they are all missed, we are happy they were able to share life with us as we grew up together in Berkeley Heights...

Elaine Cousins, GL Class of 1977.
Peter G Imbimbo (Big Pete) July 22, 2013. A great guy, always a smile, fun on the football field and in the Gym, always there to help. We will miss you Big Pete!

Gary Berwick (5/15/08) (GL Class of 1977) A great guy, a personal friend, a fellow  Woodruff School student, and a member of the Briarwood drive bus crew, he will be missed, he was a friend to all of us.

Phil Trowbridge (GL Class of 1977)
Bob Mondelli (GL Class of 1977)
Pat Vertino (GL Class of 1977)
Mike Vaughn (GL Class of 1977)
Pat Staehle (GL Class of 1977)
Robert D'innocenzio (GL Class of 1977) (car accident at age of 23)
Nora Watson  (GL Class of 1977) (cancer) October 2006.
Jim Kaczka (GL class of 1976)
Dave Pollard (GL class of 1976)
Robert Alan Schnell (GL Class of 1977)
David Zetterstrom (GL class of 1976) and my FDU buddy
Karen Paone (GL Class of 1976)
Tom Murray (GL Class of 1976)
Dee Dee Crosby (GL Class of 1976) Love and miss you Dee Dee
Jerry Britt,  Nov 2, 2007 (our Coach from Columbia & GL) 
Jim Kaczka farewell

Click on the link above to preview the memorial written by Gordon Manzione. Gordon was one of Jim's close friends.
Many of you would remember Jim as the guy whom always had a smile on his face, I remember him as one whom always respected you for who you were. Jim was a class act, i always admired his class, his wit and his style. He was not interested in what class you were part of, he took you at face value. He was truely one of the good guys. I am proud to be able to give Jim the send off he deserves, I am sure he would do the same for me. I am sure he is with us now and reading this and smiling and tilting his head and saying, Hey thanks man! - God bless you Jim, 
thanks for being my friend...Brian Skelton