Please be sure to add your name and email to the photos, we had some technical difficulties and lost several shots with no contact information.
Columbia School Homerooms

Columbia School Class of 1973 (thats us!)

Our days in Columbia, from 1972 to 1973. Great shots. we will have more of the Columbia yearbook pictures here shortly, Working on scanning the yearbooks when we have some time to get these shots loaded. Stay tuend for more great shots from those days at Columbia in the early 1970's. 

Luann Vispoli, Deb Cohen. Cindy Thomas, aka the Dream Team ladies enjoying a few drinks just after our staff meeting on

R30 Pub Night

Friday October 12, 2008 a group of 80 GL classmates attended the First GL pub night at Dolce in Basking Ridge, it was a night of hanging out in a casual atmosphere, chatting, drinking, eating and just having a grand old time with friends. The pictures really tell the story of Pub Night. We had a few special guests, including Mr.Daniels, Don Detgen, and Gary Bobko join us for a night of relaxing and reminiscing.


GL 30 years later walk down memory lane

Thirty years have passed since we attended this High School. An opportunity was provided, thanks to Yvonne Bene and her perseverance  to not accept a no answer, we were given the opportunity to walk the halls of GL once again, we were able to see old lockers, homerooms, classrooms, the Gym, the Band room, the wood shop etc etc, It was a walk down memory lane for many of us. A great time was had by all that attended.
debbie cohen landau and luann vispoli

Sunday Brunch at R.30 Dolce Basking Ridge


Grade School Shots of class of 1977

These are the grade school shots from the
Sat Night Reunion, I dont know all the names of the Schools that everyone attended here, if you can help let me know so we can name these schools for those that are in the pictures. 


Reunion Sat Night Album 3

There are table shots, candid shots, folks chatting and hanging out, walking around in this album, there are so many it will take us days to get these all loaded, probably all here by November.

Rona, Fran, Yvonne and Kim at Pub Night

GL Friends Reunion Pictures

These are pictures of old friends we found amoungst the pics taken at the Pub, the cocktail hour, and the reunion Sat night, we thought it would be great to have these shots labeled and placed in a separate album for our GL friends to share.
Let me know what you think!


R.30 Saturday Night Album 4

More pictures from the Reunion, Sat night and others, the other albums are all getting full from all the great shots. Thanks to everyone for sending in their pics!

Southern California Reunion

Southern California GL Class of 1977 gets together at Greg Geiger's home in Thousand oaks!

Pictures to be uploaded soon!